• Bebebar (map)
  • 3809 18th Street
  • San Francisco, CA, 94114
  • United States

Bebebar hosts a special double-header Friday, August 12. Starting at 6pm, join us to welcome this month's artist in residence, Nicko Coco Leo. And at 8pm, don't miss a phenomenal auditory treat — a performance by northeastern Brazilian folk band, Caxeiras Viajantes. As always, Bebebar's events bring together great food with authentic Brazilian refreshments! Hope to see you there!

Nicko Coco Leo is a local artist, originally from the east coast, who moved to San Francisco eleven years ago to pursue her career as a tattooer. Her main medium is water color but she enjoys making many other types of art. Every painting is made with love and heart.

Caxeiras Viajantes band is made of different people connected by the same love for the oral folk traditions of northeastern Brazil. We share this vast region's multicolored weaving of stories, local knowledge, sounds, and cultural narratives with our playful music. This simple game of rhythms gives us so much: from the Brazilian birds singing to a glimpse of the land and the people who labor on it. The word Caxeiras derives from the name of a drum made of wood, rope and leather, that is the base of our organic instrumentation. The Caixa do Divino, played by Maria Padilha, reveals the wonderful paradox residing in simple music, the complex divination of the soul.

We are women, and that same culture we care for, praise and share relies heavily on women to survive. “Viajantes" literally translates as travelers. As travelers we bring with us the most powerful human instrument — our own voice — to sing stories we heard from other voices. We are the instruments that keep this centuries-old fire alive by sharing it, teaching it, and honoring it. Together we travel on, primitive and eternal.