Help Bebebar usher in our second anniversary on Friday, March 11th!  — that's right, we're turning 2, — a super awesome milestone in the life of a food establishment.  From 6-9pm we'll be painting the town red by imbibing only the most healthy of food & drink. Join us and resident artist Losangmonlam at Ella Gallery in Bebebar and be prepared for a rich mix of transcendental experience and vivacious fun!

Losangmonlam is a Bay Area artist whose spiritual acrylics reflect both his early life with five brothers in the Red River Valley in North Dakota, a small farming community, and a decade as an ordained monk of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. With over 20 years of practice and study both as a monastic and layperson, he brings a unique and generous perspective to his art.

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet the artist, gather with great people and of course, enjoy Bebebar's authentic Brazilian refreshments! From traditional açaí, organic fresh juices, and superb smoothies to pão de queijo, empanadas, Brazilian cappuccino & mate. 

See you there!